How To Test a Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are required inside homes and businesses so everyone inside can stay safe. Inspection and testing of fire alarm systems need to be done regularly to ensure they will do their job when an emergency strikes. The following will explain how to test fire alarms and keep them in top shape so that they can perform well.

Find Your Smoke Detector

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the smoke detector. It should be on a ceiling in the central part of the home or apartment. You’ll see it up top, and it will most likely be round and white.

Go around the entire house or office and see how many you have on the premises. You’ll need to know because you will need to test all of them thoroughly.

Press the Test Button

You will most likely find a test button on the alarm system’s outside casing. To run a test using this button, all you need to do is press it and hold it. It should set off an alarm sound to let you know the unit is working well. It may be time to change the battery if the alarm system doesn’t respond to the button prompt.

Also, you should be aware that the button might not be on the outside of the alarm system. Sometimes, manufacturers put them under the casing, inside the battery compartment. Therefore, you might have to look for it if you don’t see it.

Spray Smoke on the Detector

Another way you can test your alarm system is with a spray bottle of smoke or actual smoke. Light a match or ignite a small piece of paper underneath the system to trigger it if you want to know how effective it is.

Listen for Sound Level

It’s important to check the sound level when you are performing the tests. You’ll want the alarm to be loud enough so that you can hear it if you are busy, sleeping, or otherwise occupied. If the alarm functions properly, you can trust you’ll be notified if the danger of a fire occurs.

Change the Battery

Nine times out of ten, the reason a fire alarm doesn’t work is that the batteries die. Thus, that will be the first thing to check when you perform your inspections. You can simply replace the battery and then retest the unit if the battery is dead. Alarm batteries are usually 9V, AA, or AAA, with the 9V being one of the most common types.

You should do these fire alarm system inspections & testing procedures periodically to ensure that the alarm system runs smoothly at all times. Take the necessary steps to get it up and running again if, at any time, it stops performing as it should. Also, you should always stay up to date with the latest technology and innovations so that you can purchase upgrades when they hit the market. That’s how to keep your home shielded from fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other detriments.