How To Handle Security System False Alarms

Security false alarms can be costly and annoying. It is essential to learn what triggers these false alarms and how to handle them when they happen. This quick guide will give you more info on this important topic.

Human Mistakes

One of the most common reasons for an accidental security false alarm is simple human mistakes. The alarms can be improperly set by children, babysitters, or friends and family unfamiliar with the system.

The easiest way to prevent this is to always make sure that you properly inform anyone using the system on how to use it properly. This will save you a lot of time and irritation.

Poorly Designed Systems

Another contributing factor to false alarms can be a system that is just badly designed in the first place. When a security system is installed, there are many factors that should be considered. How the system will be used, who lives in the home, and the layout of the home. Here are some examples of a badly designed or installed system that could lead to false alarms.

  • Smoke detectors near heat sources
  • Smoke detectors near bathrooms where steam accumulates
  • Lack of pet-friendly motion detectors in homes with pets
  • Sensors placed on loose doors or windows
  • Badly installed motion detectors

Poor Maintenance

A security system will need maintenance and upkeep. It is usually the job of the company that installed the system for you to keep these tasks up to date. It is important for the security of your family that these types of tasks are not overlooked or done poorly. These poor maintenance factors can cause false alarms:

  • Dead batteries
  • Dusty smoke detectors

Outdated Systems

Another common culprit of false security alarms is an outdated system. If you have an older system, it will start to run down over time. Like with all major systems of your home, maintenance, repair and updating are often necessary.

Older systems that are not digitally up to date, will increasingly have issues over time. Talk with your security company to learn how to upgrade and update your system.

Glass Breaking Sensors

Some security systems come with glass-breaking sensors tuned to the sound of breaking glass. However, there are obviously other things that can set this off. For instance, breaking a dish, a mirror, or some other glass object could set off the alarm by mistake.

There is really no way to avoid this, but rather it is simply a risk you take with this type of sensor.

System Malfunctions

If your system is having ongoing false alarm issues, you could have a system malfunction. This can happen occasionally. Your security company will need to evaluate the system to diagnose the issue. This is not something you should procrastinate on, as your family’s safety and security are at stake every day your system is not working properly.