The Different Types of Video Surveillance Systems

There are many methods to protect your property and keep it safe, and one of the most efficient ones is installing a security camera. Different types of cameras are available, and it might be challenging to choose the perfect one. Keep reading this article in order to understand more about the camera’s different types and make the right choice.

Dome Cameras

A dome camera is a dome-shaped, circular video camera for home video surveillance that can be used both inside and outside. Many businesses, including hotels, retail stores, and restaurants install dome cameras inside because of their discrete design. The main advantage of this camera is that it is impossible to say where exactly it is pointing. Moreover, since the lenses of a dome camera are well protected, it is more durable. Another significant benefit of these cameras is that they feature 360-degree rotation.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are known for their cylindrical shape which makes them look like a lipstick tube or bullet shell. Since these cameras are quite visible, your property becomes a less desirable target for a thief or vandalism. They also can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other camera types, a bullet camera usually has a longer range, so it is perfect for spacious parking lots and backyards. Moreover, they are quite easy to install.

Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

A PTZ camera is one of the most innovative cameras that can be viewed, controlled, and monitored by a smartphone. The unique thing about PTZ cameras is that they can move and feature optical zoom, so you can monitor your property and see more of what exactly is going on. It is a very universal camera type that can be effectively used on both residential and commercial properties.

Night Vision Cameras

A night vision camera is a camera type that monitors low-lit or completely dark environments. Being able to see and monitor the surroundings of your property at night is extremely important these days. Most night vision cameras are more expensive than regular security cameras, and they come in different types, sizes, and qualities.

Network Connected Cameras

These cameras are connected to the Internet, so you can watch them online from any part of the world. You can watch them from your computer, phone, or tablet. If you install a network connected camera on your commercial property, you can hire staff who will watch them 24/7.

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