What Security Camera Type Is Best?

With the advanced and newly developing technologies, most homeowners have decided to establish innovative operated technologies in their homes to protect their properties. These innovative technologies utilize automated security cameras and 24-hour clock surveillance cameras.

Security cameras and surveillance cameras play a significant role in enhancing and improving security. However, these cameras are quite different and work under various operational means.

Difference Between Security Cameras and Surveillance Cameras

As noted earlier, security and surveillance cameras are quite different. However, the critical difference between them includes; a security camera capturing information and signals within a stipulated distance at a specific place, whereas surveillance cameras use an IP network to monitor and capture images in real-time.

Security cameras enhance security in privately-owned properties or places. In contrast, surveillance cameras are publicly installed to improve public safety in several public areas such as crossroads, parking lots, malls, etc.

Security cameras are usually prone to vulnerability by being disconnected by tech-literate criminals. Some tech-knowledgeable criminals can detect a fake or dummy security camera and also work on disconnecting it from the power source.

On the other hand, surveillance cameras are difficult to crack. They are incredibly complex to operate and require a highly knowledgeable, tech-savvy individual to use and operate.

Security cameras record audio and video information, while surveillance cameras only capture the action. Modern security cameras are designed to capture high-quality videos and audio for documenting and recording events that might be later used as evidence. Surveillance cameras only capture and documents acts with no audio information.

Security cameras can be installed in a hidden place as long there is access to a power source. As a result, it can help monitor any dubious activities done in your home or office. On the other hand, surveillance cameras can only be installed in public places where everyone is aware. Therefore, they can be seen and help to deter any criminal activity.

Security cameras are designed to collect information from all other connected cameras and later transfer this information to receiving equipment via a coaxial cable. On the other hand, surveillance cameras are designed to work on an IP connection that connects other surveillance cameras to the central location from the remote site. 

What Is a CCTV Camera?

A CCTV camera is also known as a security camera. A CCTV camera is a surveillance system that captures video and audio recordings and transfers them to a Digital Video Recorder via a coaxial cable. Various types of CCTV cameras are used for different application services.

To name a few, they include day and night CCTV cameras, network cameras, infrared cameras, etc. Additionally, CCTV cameras can be installed in closed places or outdoors. However, they are dependable on several factors. These factors ensure that both outdoor and indoor CCTVs are secure from theft and technical failures.

Do You Need To Install a CCTV or a Surveillance Camera?

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